Thursday, July 7, 2016

IT'S SHAHRU RAMADHAN AGAIN ‪#‎Monorhyme‬ Poem Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

It's Shahru Ramadhan again
A month like no other in gains...
30 Days the Lord's Mercy reins
Over souls in rows, so, so plain
To conform none needs to train
Though some do cite constrain'
Yet, many stand in cold and rain
Forbearing the pains and strain
To save themselves from utter ruin.

It's Shahru Ramadhan again
To see Laylat Qadr, the main
Rewards covet, not in vain
None can lift with a crane
Lush gardens, with no stain
Granite finishing, not of Spain
So wisen up, be thee not insane
Strive thy utmost, try to obtain
Once secured, try to maintain.

It's Shahru Ramadhan again
Full, half, a third or quartrain
Send on, a tiny mountain
Earn a gulp from a fountain
Al-Kauthar, a spiritual domain
Wash, ablute in it, no complain
Blissfully tranquil, that is certain
So amazing, hmm what's Bahrain?
Just strive your best, soon I'll explain.

(c)11091437AH Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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