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I'M NOTHING, BUT... (with exciting FB comments) Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

He is He, Noorussamawat
The Light that delights...
The souls that alight.
I'm nothing, but the
Wick that burns
Heat that melts
Wax that feeds
Fire that flicks
To illuminate
All darkness
Ceasing it.

(c)(r)2016 Tijjani M. M.
all rights reserved


Nana Aisha Usman Shouldnt the last line be thrown away? Whats its use? Nice poem!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Thanks Nana. But read the poem again, only this time go deeper, beyond the obvious... :)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ask yourself "Ceasing...what?"

Nana Aisha Usman Can Light and Darkness be in the same place at the same time? When the stronger (of the two) comes, it eats up the other. So by its 'illuminating all darkness', it 'ceases them away'. So whats the use of the last line?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Good observation Nana. But, one more time I'll beseech you to abandon your first stance and soberly reflect on that last line and think through its role in the piece. I see it, and you can too, but only if you are not biased in dismissing the possibility.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa If you finally get it, talk to me. If not, I'll talk to you in sha Allaah.

Nana Aisha Usman Sorry, I Just got back from where I had to go to. And Sorry 'seizing' was what I thought before realising it was actually 'ceasing'. But it still doesnt make any difference (to me). Coming down from the listed powerful layers of 'Illumination' above; 'burns, melts, feeds, flicks', it then finally 'illuminates' (which is a part of 'ceasing' it) all darkness away. So to 'illuminate' all darkness, is to 'cease' or 'stop' it...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa I find your depth of thinking high appreciated.

Ok, if I may ask a rhetoric question, when a place is illuminated, what happens when the source of light leaves or is switched off or dims, weakens and dies off? Darkness returns, right?

Then it means darkness just vacates temporarily only to reoccupy the lighted area once the opportunity is found.

Now, introduce the last line that you want taken off. What does it imply? It means the return of darkness after the coming of light onto the area is forever ceased. Irrespective of whether the light is present or not... :)

Question you should ask yourself therefore is; what kind of light (a metaphor) could that be that stays whether the source is there or not?

Nana Aisha Usman Its by virtue of this 2nd Question of yours actually, that i suggested that the last line should go. Because 'The light' in line 2 which ultimately 'illuminates all darkness' isnt the kind of light that comes and goes, or gets switched on and off. Its the light that gives no chance for the resurfacing of darkness. Its the light that comes to stay, that comes to rule. Its the light that 'burns', (when something is burnt, thats the end of it. so it burns 'darkness' away), that 'melts', 'flicks', etc 'darkness' to death. So 'ceasing it' (at the end) is tacitly a tautaulogy. Why it should go...

Hassan Usman Katsina When two Elephants Fight, the grasses suffer. But in Literature, when two Elephants fight, the grasses rejoice (because we learn alot). EveryThing here has been so splendid wallah, the poem and your arguments, that I dont see the need to say anything. But, this very poem is so Opulent that 'taking the last line away' from it, wouldnt lacerate it in any way, just as lettIng it remain the way i see it wouldnt kill it. Poetry is so beautiful wallahi. LoL. Thanks!

Nana Aisha Usman Wai wai wai! Wane ni Sir? Ai su T.J ne Manyan Poetry. Thanks for spitting in Sir! We appreciate it. Ya Family? @H.U.K

Hassan Usman Katsina Ai kun wuce matsayin 'Elephants' a Poetry wallahi, Nana. Alhamdulillah, we are fine o. Ya na ki? Alherin Allah ya same mu duk inda muke, Amin. Musha ruwa lafiya.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa HUK bar wannan batu don Allah. Mu a su wa a poetry, kare da daukan gara. Ga masana abin.

Now Nana, don't use my argument to take this away pls. That was why I gave you enough room to justify removing the last line. But remain it has, because it has a purposeful existence.

See, in actual fact, there are two focus in the poem. One is The Light (Noorussamawat), the Real Light that needs no source. The other is the 'Nothing', that which burns and is subservient, just like the sun and so has a terminal end. When it ends, what is feared (darkness returning) will happen.

The Noorussamawati is therefore prayed upon to cease its (darkness) return with its permanent light, i.e. replace it, so it doesn't ever flood back in. Now, do you get where and why "Ceasing it" is necessary.

The Noorussamawat needs nothing to be. But like the sun burns to shine a light mortals see and contend with, so does the Nothing in the poem. And when it burns and melts, that temporary illumination ends with it.

But, The Light of the heavens and earth is forever glorious in its shine, unlike and unaffected by the diminishing light that is sourced from that Nothing.

CAN'T YOU SEE THERE ARE TWO LIGHTS IN THE POEM. One Real and the other, the"Nothing"? One ceases after it burns and melts, while the other ceases NEVER!, is of divine origin, supreme and is free of anything to be.

The last line is a call on the First Light to sustain the feeble illumination of the second after its source has burnt off. Don't confuse or mix the two.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Barkanmu da shan ruwa... :) Ifthar mabrookah

Nana Aisha Usman Thanks! Enjoy your sahur

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Madungurum :), it is a spiritual poem, so usually deep. Happy Ifthar once more @all.

Mubarak Alabede Woow! These Arguments Are Educating. I Think Henceforth, Such Poems With Hidden Interpretations Needs Interpretation After Their Posting. By So Doing Everything Will Be Clear Even While Being Under The Scrutinizing Criticism. Jazakumullahu Khairan.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aladebe :), thanks for appreciating us.

Mubarak Alabede Subhanallah! Ka Juya Mini Suna. Alabede Not Aladebe. Lol. You're Welcome.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Afuwan, Alabede ka ke? Ai kawai da ma na kira ka da Mubarak kawai da duk hakan bata faru ba... :) Forgive my err, in the spirit of Ramadan... :D

Mubarak Alabede Lol. Its Okay. Ramadan Mubarak

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ma sha Allah

Ibrahim Yahaya Rano Am so glad to read this poem today

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Rano, why is that if I may ask? :)

Ibrahim Yahaya Rano Hmm firsttly; it's personal stile, figure of speech like personification

Ibrahim Yahaya Rano Some times I reading poems in order to get pleasure and to acquire other literary devices that I haven't familiar of them.

Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi I have a piece with the same title but different content.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ibrahim Yahaya Rano that's the way it should be.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa MIA O really? Mind sharing it with us here?☺

Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi Why not? Here you are.


I'm nothing but Atoms
Circulating my vessels, oxygen
Building my DNA, Nitrogen.

I'm nothing but Ions
In my nerves, signalled those of sodium
In my teeth, smiled those of calcium.

I'm nothing but Molecules
Plus safe and lethal animacules

'Bacteria' like those in bronchioles.

I'm nothing but Matter
Skinny, hypersthenic or fatter
The quantity is large, of latter.

I'm nothing but Cells
Spanning from head to toe
Running actions on the go.

I'm nothing but Tissues
Naught but cells in neighbourhood

Working together in brotherhood.

I'm nothing but Organs
See, smell and masticate
Hear, digest, and gustate.

I'm nothing but Systems
Lymphatic, respiratory cardiovascular
Digestive, reproducive, and muscular.

(C)April, 2016
All Rights Reserved

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Another scientific piece from my poetic doctor still in the making in sha Allaah. Allaah Ya tabbatar. Before then, we are pleased to have you musing... :D

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