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YET, I AIN'T A POET - Revisited (with Facebook comments)

Remember the above title? Yes, some of you do, while others have never read the poem before. Well, I was just notified that someone by name Tony Dalencour just shared this piece 3-4 years on.
Reading or should I say "sipping" it now, it sure taste better than when it was first posted. It is one of the hit poems that was published in my maiden poetry book; Poetic Tee - THE FIRST CUP.
Hope you don't mind taking another sip of 'Yet, I Ain't A Poet'? Though for others, it is their first time tasting of it... Ok, here it is. Pls enjoy...

YET, I AIN'T A POET Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

I ain't a poet
Nor do i know the rules of poemry
All i know is
Am endowed with an ability to write
A line or two that i desire read
Caring less if
A Recon praises it, a Decon "kills" me or "Whatever!"

I ain't a poet
Nor do i know what it is i write
Someone discovering said "This is poetry"
No its not!
Just a string of words
I happen to scribble
Less it gets lost, forgotten

I ain't a poet
Nor do i care for rules of rhymery
For some come trained, Ph. D'd
I? i just find it natural
Gushing forth bone marrow to veins
Accompanying the reds
To nooks & cranies

I ain't a poet
So call me not an author
Pardon, forgive a novice's pour
In fact, read not what is not worthy
Of a refined mind like yours
Comment, critique? "Naaah!"
Me dead metaphor

I ain't a poet
So look not for A B, A B
Or A A, B B. Is there A B C D?
26 letters of the alphabets
Taught in kindergarten to kids
That grow to become writers
Critics and Emeritus

I ain't a poet
Admit it i have, so what?
Does that stop
The words craftsman in me
The inspiration within
Nor do i miss a glance stolen
Definitely not a smile of admiration

I ain't a poet
Yes, i am just "I"
Wearing a smile
Feeling inspired
Pen and paper in hand
Qwerty keys awaitingly beckon
To reveal a mind's flow, mine

Yet, I ain't a poet.

Tijjani M. M.

Misbahu L. Hamza, Kabir Sheshe, Mustapha Ibrahim Abdullahi, Aliyu A. Wali, Aminu Aliyu, Sa'eed K. Adams, Abubakar Sulaiman, FriendFriends, Shehu Ibrahim, Fiddausi Musah, Adam H. Adam, Musbahu Yahaya, Dum Eric Pen, Salmanu Al-faris, Ishaq Bala Yaro, Baffa Shehu, Rahma Abdullateef, Ashr Sman, Maryam Gatawa, Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad and Umma Salma Aminu Like this.

Ibrahim Yahaya Rano Yes sir !!! Bard you are

Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad I love this :-)

Maryam Gatawa Oh I love this. Its my first time of tasting it. But this cup is delicious.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Rano :) Thanks for the confidence reposed.
Aliyyu :) <3 o:p="">

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Gatawa :D This piece has always been a hot favorite of many, both lovers, non-likers and ever writers of poetry. I don't know what it is that excites about it. It has appeal, it seems.
Maryam Gatawa Yes it is, Sir. Something within it, so tantalizing. Leaving one, wanting to have a Sip, again.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa A second sip gasp emoticon :O Haaa! Maryam, that's indulgence fa! Anyway, a single sip is the recommended dosage. Though many break the rule and take gulps upon gulps, only to come and confess later... :D

Maryam Gatawa👍
Aysha Abdul Mahuta Stupendous taste! ;)

Ismail Dansarki Sulaiman writers are not reliable, telling one thing doing another
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aysha Abdul :D, I don't expect anything less from you. You've since been a silent consumer of my poetic brew you are almost a loyalist. So much influenced, now you are riding your own muse to many's utter excitement... :)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Dansarki smile emoticon:), surely a story for another day...:)
Sa'eed K. Adams Mine has always being a large gulp. Ba wani 'Sip' an wuce nan. *smiles*

Aysha Abdul Mahuta Ha! grin emoticon:D true tho I consider myself a notch higher than 'almost'..altho for d lenght of tym I've been sipping and gulping even, many'd think I'd have found my muse earlier. And no matter, its a good piece, loyalists and non have to attest to that. smile emoticon:)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sa'eed K. Adams smile emoticon:) you no dey carry last at all, at all. Gatawa, kin Ji irinsu ko grin emoticon:D
Maryam Gatawa hahaha. Na ji shi. And you know what? he is kinda right.

Gulp it is, but even then, i am thirsty for more!
Sa'eed K. Adams Sometimes one need to break the rules to aggrandize his taste. Call it 'son kai' if you like...oho dai

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Maryam gasp emoticon:O where did you come from? Where have you been hiding all these while?!
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sa'eed, ahaaf! I've since marked you out. Anyway, we haven't read anything fresh from you in a while. In fact, nothing spectacular sine that piece that was published on smile emoticon:) Sannan, no poem for Ramadhan from you yet.
Maryam Gatawa just floating in the smoke, Now clear in the smog.

A vision in the blur. Its me, a hidden pearl. lolz Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad Bakandamiya or what do you call it over here.

Maryam Gatawa lolz.
Maryam Gatawa by the way, thanks for the add in that Islamic forum.Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad

Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad My pleasure 'yargatan marubuta.
Maryam Gatawa lolz.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sa'eed, ahaaf! I've since marked you out. Anyway, we haven't read anything fresh from you in a while. In fact, nothing spectacular sine that piece that was published on smile emoticon:) Sannan, no poem for Ramadhan from you yet.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa You are reminding me of Poetic Mynds. A group where poets of different fraternity will gather and slay the weaknesses in their muses. Thereby sharpening each others pens, till only diamonds, pearls, emeralds and rubies drop from their tips. Some names from that clan present here are Aliyu A. Wali, Idris Hamza Yana, Abubakar Widi-jalo, Noor Alan Amin, Aminu Aliyu, Ibraheem A. Waziri, Tee Jay Dan, Fuad Kabir Maikaba, Mallam Aminullahi Aminu and several others. Abi ba kyau smile emoticon:)

Sa'eed K. Adams My hands are tied, the battle in the ring of labour is a fierce one, so I needed something unique to face it. Beside, Masters is a jealous soul. But the muse you inspire is not dead, it is just lying low, for the battle at hand and the one running ahead, calls for that.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sa'eed K., o owh gasp emoticon:O your hands are not tied, but full. Job, edu, life in itself. Musing must take 2nd place or less kam. Ok, keep the fire of pursuit burning... smile emoticon:)

Habib M Sani Galadima Wow! An unique work from a chap who his phone is pen, Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Aminu Aliyu Ok, I am here. Enough of the eulogies, praising-killers, somebody please spill some blood.

Sa'eed K. Adams boss why not take the lead.
Aminu Aliyu No #Sa'eed, we are children of 'decons', our lead would precipitate to a collective burial of a people, a replica of images, and a regeneration of ideas. I prefer we meet in the underworld ,in the after life and the free-birdie (TJAY) together with the piece will vacate this cesspool of our murky times for the incontrovertible reckoning. . .Lolz
Sa'eed K. Adams I concur my boss, let this thousand Mile journey begin with the first step

Aminu Aliyu Then let's embrace 'literary critiquing' as the only saying and practice of literature through which we weigh works because going by this situation, we are unconsciously but willingly giving our literary productions an unexotic regard when we reduced our assessment(s) to a mere entourage of eulogies as the only valid form of literary fraternity.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Galadima, is it unique kam many have attested to that... smile emoticon:)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa And thank you once again for that apt description "...his phone is pen" That is way out!!! grin emoticon:D
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aaah, Aminu Aliyu you want "Enough of the eulogies", someone to "...spill some blood"? smile emoticon:) Mind you, have you ever asked yourself why people.eulogize others, most especially if they are seeking for nothing in return? Pls, do so. I'd like to read your answer. And whose blood do you want spilled? >_< Hehehehehehehe

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Sa'eed K. Adams smile emoticon:), it seems your "boss" has accepted your invite. Let's see how far his horse can run, in the race, on the race track.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa  Talking of "children of decons". Remember who I am Aminu. If you've forgotten, I am "The" Free Birdie! Vanquisher and Exiler of Souls of Decons of aye! Ask of the original decons, some still alive, but afraid to identify themselves with that fraternity, less the suave swerver, gliding high in the heavens swoop in and do his thing mercilessly upon their estranged remains. We define the territories and the terrains. When we breath, fire burns and chars. And when we burn, our ashes gladly offer to be the source of our resurrection. Dragons, phoenix, peacocks and much more. Underworld is for earth dwellers. We live where earthlings comprehend not how to breath, much less survive. The Free Birdie, blessed by Him Who Creates and endows beyond measure. In our utterances, wisdom dances, swange moves and prances, elusive to touch or glances, in control of most difficult circumstances, calculated, free of need for balances. Master of all finances. Authorised holder of the Twain Lances
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aliyyu :) No, no, no! This is not my "Bakandamiya" Ko kusa! There are a million other to qualify for that title, but still will stand short of it. My ultimate poem is THE WORD "i". Seek that pie and you'll know why :D

Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad Not your poem tijjani I'm referring to Maryam's comment. I've already commented on your piece.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa A welcome development indeed. Let's subject this piece YET, I AIN'T A POET to the most critical of literary critic. I'm indeed desirous of knowing why it excites many across the real and abstract world. Subject it to the litmus test, nay acid test of literary evaluation. So, that we determine whether it is worth its reported mettle. Aminu Aliyu "take the lead", pls analyze the poem, if you can. Just like Sa'eed K. Adams had offered you earlier. *seriously, like let's appraise your critiquing prowess of it, which can only add value to the piece. Because, that's what objective literary criticism does to a piece of literature. Go ahead, do a deconstruction of it. "Yi ma sa filla-filla..."
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Meanwhile, I've detect some #foundpoetry from my pouring. So, watch out all for fresh poems extract from the foregoing comments... grin emoticon:D AlhamdulilLaah.
And if any is capable of discovering the #FoundPoetry, let him or her help me refine the products from the crude, raw material. Thank you... smile emoticon:)
Hassan Usman Katsina CaPaBLE?

Sa'eed K. Adams #foundpoetry
Tijjani Muhammad Musa 's THE FREE BIRDIE
As found by Sa'eed K. Adams

Remember who I am
If you've forgotten
I am "The" Free Birdie!
Vanquisher and Exiler of Souls
Decon of aye!
Ask of the original decon
Some still alive,
But afraid to identify themselves with that fraternity

Less the suave swerver
Gliding high in the heavens
Swoop in and do his thing
Mercilessly upon their estranged remains.

I define the territories and terrains.
When I breath, fire burns and chars.
And when I burn
My ashes gladly offer to be the source of my resurrection.
Dragons, phoenix, peacocks and much more.

Underworld is for earth dwellers.
I live where earthlings comprehend not, how to breath
Much less survive.

The Free Birdie,
Blessed by Him Who Creates
And endows beyond measure.
In my utterances wisdom dances
Swang moves and prances
Elusive to touch or glances
In control of most difficult circumstances
Calculated, free of need for balances
Master of all finances
Authorised holder of the Twain Lances

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Blown over!!! 😃 Well, well, well! Sa'eed, you rock and are indeed a worthy bard of repute. At least to me.
You've scored quite high with this submission. Let's see if any other has another version before I let loose mine.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Bold attempt and very passable one. Impressive. Now I know you can find poetry in any's speech or document Sa'eed. My 2 thumbs up! Well done.
Sa'eed K. Adams You've just made my day before daybreak, may be you don't know why but I'll tell you. Years back, I can't remember the exact date but it happened on this same platform, I tried finding a poem from a comment you or someone made, but it was a very poor one, far from good and what happened next, you were at the forefront, criticising and denouncing it. When I said it was just my own way of finding a poem from a comment it wasn't convincing to your ears. I wanted to strangle you then *smiles*. So when words of commendation like the ones above come from you, I am sure you understand how valuable they are to me. Thanks anyway. Glad History did not repeat itself

Tijjani Muhammad Musa "You've just made my day before daybreak" - That's an apt line Sa'eed... :) I like it.

Talking about your then mood to "strangle" me >_< hehehehehe, I've been in such a situation countless number of times and in certain cases even "methaphorically" subjected to that passion. Fortunately, each time like a cat with nine lives I've survived them all.
And that's exactly what I'm saying about objective criticisms. Like raw gold, it can only extract the purity in you, instead of letting continue living with crust and dust. Then you were educated, now you are enlightened and in between, patience kept you going to eventually deliver this.

Glad you did well too. Fact is only someone sure of himself or herself would dare try it. For you see, there are many, even among those who think they are established poets here, who do not know what it is, #FoundPoetry I mean, talkless of extracting it.

But, here you are comfortably bringing it to the fore and convincingly too. So, I know you've learnt it well and can show others how to as well. But, regular practice will do you a lot of good and be prepared to be strangled too, by someone who knows not, not to stop one that aims to refine him or her... smile emoticon:)
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Care to see what I found in my comments as poetry, smile emoticon:) My own version I mean?

Sa'eed K. Adams Of course, I can't wait to see it
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Maryam, no attempt on your part or you don't see what we see in the comments?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Actually Sa'eed, I have one single piece just like yours and I also have about 4-5 different pieces when I separate it into various components like products of a refined crude oil... smile emoticon:)
Maryam Gatawa I saw, in fact while you two were busy with the comments, I wrote a poem.This your poem inspired me Sir.

Aminu Aliyu I apologize if you are interested in any objective analysis of what you have pasted here, I only jumped into this thread, certainly to raise an alarm for an unnecessary digression of eulogies, which has become the predominant form of our literary fraternity. I also want us to be careful with how we go about pushing people to judge our work on the strength of our definition or reputation rather the magma of the merit of our work, which consequence is, deliteraturization.
My critique.

The natural foundation for any critical or sensible and literary scholarship is to understand that literature as a unique form of human knowledge needs to be examined on its own terms.
To say:

'I ain't a poet
Nor do i know the rules of poemry'

Simply says, this work or poetry in general is a literary work that cannot be understood only by reference to its intrinsic literary features—those elements, that are, found in the text itself. . .

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Now, here's my version of your version smile emoticon:) They are so similar, with slight variations. That's why I was impressed with your #FoundPoem.
Remember who I am
In case you've forgotten
Let me selfishly eulogies
I am "The" Free Birdie!
Vanquisher and Exiler
Of Souls of Decons of aye!
Ask of the original Decons,
Some still alive, but afraid
To identify themselves
With that bygone fraternity
Less the free suave swerver
Gliding high in the heavens
Swoop in and do his precision thing
Mercilessly upon their estranged remains.

We define territories
And terrains. Defining
We watch over them
Watching, blinklessly.
Yet when we breath,
Fire burns and chars.
And when we burn
Our ashes gladly offer
To be the source matter
Of our symbolic resurrection.
Dragons, phoenix, peacocks
And much more, rolled into one.
Beauty, charm and fearless finessé.
Given by The Giver of life and death.

Invite I, to the dark side
How dare thee! Get edu!
Underworld is not for kings
But for mortals, earth dwellers.
Free birdies live where earthlings
Comprehend not how to breath
Much less survive the heptanates
For we inhale, exhale purified light
That's why we glow in the day
Brilliance defines our nights.

I am I, versed in verses
The one and Only Poetic Tee
The phenomenal Free Birdie
Blessed by His Lord Who Creates
And Endows I, His slave, beyond measure.

In our utterances,
Watch as wisdom dances,
Swange moves and prances,
Elusive to touch and glances,
Putting minds in illusionary trances
Controlling most difficult circumstances
Calculator, free of need for balances.
Mastery of mysteries of all finances.
Authorized holder of the Twain Lances.

Maryam Gatawa Here is mine,
A Toddler.

If i could write a poem,
ink will beget kins
To paint the rhymes, hymns, to hum
the swarm of Jibe,
Devil will hide
My pen will dart,
In dark, and lambaste
with sigh.

Am not
a poet,
A bard that sings
Rather than
A bird that sings.
This cracks I fill, with tip of my pen
this hallway, i stitch with allegory's robe
cascaded, above the metaphors arm.

You see,
If I could write tomorrow,
A poem,
The sun, will loose its fire
The seas, will hide its liquid
The birds will loose their voices
My pen will split to spit in thunder,
The fire, the liquid, the voices

Of live, of death, of nothing.
My ink, will wreck the gargantuan, the picayune
the cosmic, frippery, of all things.
If I could write a poem
Write I will
The shadows, the senses, the souls, The silence of sound itself
Ink I will, the waters, the air, the calmness
to words,
Else, I'll write nothing, for all things.
In words.

Maryam Gatawa

Aminu Aliyu Weldone, Maryam. zamuyi magana.
Maryam Gatawa Alright Sir.Is it good? let me know your view?

Aminu Aliyu Of course Yes, though your voice is lost in the shadow.
Maryam Gatawa owkai

Aminu Aliyu Of course Yes, though your voice is lost in the shadow.

Maryam Gatawa how?
Sa'eed K. Adams You are a genius I see

Maryam Gatawa
Forgive me, I am not
So farfetched,
But I'll jump, and I'll climb, and cling
To Fate, hope, and Hardwork
One day, I might knock the door.

But thanks, for the kind comment. Sa'eed K. Adams

Misbahu L. Hamza W-h-a-t! Maryam you're a genius. Subhanallah.

Maryam Gatawa
Don't say that,
Am not all that,
My Pen is novice
my Ink is Novice
Am just a Novice

Misbahu L. Hamza

Misbahu L. Hamza Haha, here comes another. May Allah increase you in wisdom, sister.
Maryam Gatawa Amin my brother.

May Allah increase us all.
Yusuf Adamu Yusuf Tagarji What a wonderful piece(s)! Actually, experts are different #Tijjani_&_Maryam.Anyone, I'm getting alot.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Maryam Gatawa, grin emoticon:D take a bow gurl!!! That's outstanding! Welcome home. Did you say I inspired thee to write that? Wow! *standing ovation
Misbahu L. Hamza Haha... Of course you did, Tee.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa it is a great feeling inspiring others to write beautiful things.
Misbahu L. Hamza Sure. I hope that transpires in me. Soonest!

Maryam Gatawa You did Sir, i took a gulp from the poem above, and i feel the urge to write, inspired by this cup of your's
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Good to hear the confirmation. Maryam. welcome to the circle. Obviously, I can see your muse has been stirred real strong for you to come up with such impressive stuff.

Your ability is being studied to determine your prowess, so I didn't expect you'll spring such a pIeasant surprise. Thus my excitement... smile emoticon:) Nice.
Now, let me go for a second read of your latest post.

Maryam Gatawa Second read? I bet you'll pound on it. But then, poems are sharpen, with critics. That, I welcome.
Aysha Abdul Mahuta Yes yes we get u 'Aliyu virtue of being human, even masters falter..and when challenged at the height of Mastery often emerge their most profound work yet! With critique(whether obj or sbjctv) the up and coming 'us' get sharper, our pens mightier, no?

And eulogy and praise to whom it is due is well worth the mb's & battery life U'd agree grin emoticon:D
Comment of urs on here is meant not just directly to the originator of this thread, the master who has been slaking our thirst, yea? as righfully so no 1 constructively critics any work here. I pointed a few on a story

So by all means begin spilling some blood but dont feed our flesh to d wolves :D
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aysha :) sound submission

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Kai Sa'eed :O this is no where near what stuffs geniuses are made of... >_< Hehehehehehehe. Forget that one my brohn:D
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Maryam, yes second read... :) and don't worry I'm certain you can pass the litmus test of a close scrutiny. What with the stuff you have within. Just brace yourself kawai. I just want to test your knowledge and confidence about your poetic spirit, thus the critiquing. So, do not panic ko? :)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa HUK, didn't notice your arrival smile emoticon:)
Hassan Usman Katsina LoL, Thanks! Though, aint fully back yet...

Aliyyu Abdullahi Muhammad In limbo
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ok, I get you now. And why in limbo? smile emoticon:)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa One you'll surely knock the door... smile emoticon:), since you believe Maryam.
Maryam Gatawa Yes, thanks for the encouragement.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa's YOU ARE POETRY ITSELF
#FoundPoetry by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Yeah, you concretely
ain't a poet.
For a poet
now and then
fumbles and tumbles
as the youth
rumble out of trouble.

You are but
irrefutably poetry itself.
So, pen on Poetry.
Let not dead dictionaries
Dim your vocabulary
Or fancy critics
That prance and glance
But can't fathom bottom
Of your plumage
Whose image
Like the sage
Of each page
Aptly engage
Minds, beautifying.

(c)2016 Gilbert Mzenzi Mabasa/Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

Tijjani Muhammad Musa A master acrostic poet had that to say about yours truly the Poetic Tee in response to the subject post poem. Another piece beyond eulogizing, right?

Aysha Abdul Mahuta Kai Bro TJ, sassauci :) I think a valid argument was presented. It wasnt a jibe at you per se, rather an attempt at bringing to the fore ills of d status quo--stagnation-- which is praise no matter how poor d submission may be.. And a call to begin fair scrutiny, surely shouldn't be wrong? Mun riga mun kurbi Tee dinnan kuma mun shaida fa :D
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Aysha Abdul, smile emoticon:) Don't mind me. Just a tee maker relishing feedbacks from tee lovers all over the world. It's vital for better and further refining of the varieties of brews.

All serious minded and progressive producers of different blends tees appreciate critical appraisals of their manufactured products or services. Poetic Tee as a global brand can not be any different.
If any has critiques about our works, let him or her freely express it. Constructive and objective criticism is welcome anytime. But to tell others not to say what's on their minds, good or bad about one's works is clearly a discouragement.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Keep sipping the tee as served fresssh and soon we'll surely count you among the inspired by a beauty you'll churn out Allaah Willing.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa And you Maryam, sure you've got something special. How come you're just being discovered? smile emoticon:) And I like the way you are going about it, diving into the pool of learning all about poetry.

Maryam Gatawa Thank you Sir.
perhaps, I was discovered also in the light of your poem that inspired me to write, Me, a poet.

Maryam Gatawa thank you again.

Maryam Gatawa by the way, you didn't send me the Link.
Misbahu L. Hamza Waiting too.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Will bring it here soon in sha Allaah.
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Have you been to the blog yet? Get there, type poetic devices in the Search box there and it'll surely reward you. Been a bit busy wAllaah. Will still inbox you in sha Allaah.

Maryam Gatawa It's alright.


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